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Archoil AR6200 (16 oz) Fuel

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archoil ar6200 16 oz fuel photo 01 - Archoil AR6200 (16 oz) FuelTitle : Archoil AR6200 (16 oz) Fuel Treatment – Treats 500 Gallons – Diesel Additive/Fuel Additive
Description : AR6200 Fuel Treatment is a highly concentrated fuel treatment which Is added to every tank of fuel to boost performance, ensure fuel quality and protect your fuel system from wear, performance robbing deposits and other issues. AR6200 promotes a more complete combustion which improves efficiency, power and response… BENEFITS Enhanced Lubricity Formula – Protects Fuel System and Injectors Increases Power and Response Improves MPG 2-8% (Diesel Engines) Reduces Smoke & Soot Reduces DPF Regen Frequency Dissolves Sludge & Stabilizes Fuel Maintains Clean Fuel System Prevents Corrosion and Microbial Growth Separates water from Diesel Fuel
Features :

  • AR6200 improves torque and MPG while reducing soot/carbon deposit formation by producing a more complete burn
  • AR6200 stabilizes fuel and protects your fuel system from wear, deposits, microbial growth, corrosion and damage from water in fuel.
  • Highly Concentrated, 1 ml treats 1 gallon of diesel or gasoline

archoil ar6200 16 oz fuel photo 01 - Archoil AR6200 (16 oz) Fuel
Category: Fuel Additives
Brand: Archoil
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