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dwd2 keep it clean metal picture 001 - DWD2 "KEEP IT CLEAN" MetalTitle : DWD2 “KEEP IT CLEAN” Metal Conditioner – Engine Oil Additive, Friction Reducer and Stiction Eliminator for Diesel and Gasoline Engines – Supercharge Your Motor Oil! (6.oz)
ASIN : B07P2652DX
Description : DWD2 Metal Conditioner penetrates the pores of the metal and acts as a cushion between moving metal parts in your engine. Our nano-technology are stable synthesized Hydrocarbons. DWD2 motor oil additive has the ability to penetrate the surface cracks of the metal . Normal motor oils can only withstand a limited amount of pressure and heat. Add Metal Conditioner to your engine and help reduce heat and friction and allow your engine run at peak efficiency!
Features :

  • DWD2 Metal Conditioner is a professional grade lubricant enhancing engine treatment that reduces heat and friction
  • Improves power and performance in your car, truck or heavy equipment
  • Extends engine life, suspends carbon deposits, optimizes the effectiveness and protection of your motor oil, works with conventional and synthetic motor oils
  • Protects engine parts during cold starts and warm ups
  • Maximizes fuel economy – versatile motor oil additive, effective in both gasoline and diesel engines

dwd2 keep it clean metal picture 001 - DWD2 "KEEP IT CLEAN" Metal dwd2 keep it clean metal image 2 - DWD2 "KEEP IT CLEAN" Metal
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