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eve hansen organic sweet almond photo 08 - Eve Hansen Organic Sweet AlmondTitle : Eve Hansen Organic Sweet Almond Oil For Skin | (8 oz) Hair Growth Oil, Body Oil for Dry Skin, Carrier Oil for Essential Oils | Massage Oil, Organic Face Moisturizer for Skin, Hair Oil and Nail Oil
Description : NATURAL ALMOND OIL HAIR VEGAN WRINKLE REMOVER: skin oil eye area irritation. HIGH QUALITY sweet oil, almond carrier oil & skin moisturizer. Eve Hansen’s sweet almond oil organic unrefined is 100% pure cold pressed almond oil from sweet almond tree, prunus dulcis, known for their aroma. ANTIOXIDANTS AND VITAMINS in pure almond oil lotion, no additives, lessens rashes and hair loss. Our sweet almond oil is anti aging powerhouse! Use confidently & comfortably as almond extract is the only ingredient. This liquid moisturizer and almond oil conditioner helps heal dry, cracked, damaged hair, skin, nails and soothe other skin conditions. Can Blend sweet almond oil for hair with other essential oils or simply use on its own for a therapeutic experience. Skin oil therapy Sweet almond oil organic unrefined is lightweight. It absorbs quickly & penetrates to nourish and hydrate, making it ideal for dry, damaged, and sensitive skin. Unlike most other oils and lotions, this oil does not leave behind a sticky and greasy residue, nor does it contain any chemicals. Sweet Almond oil is a massage oil that relieves muscle pain & stress. Our oil also makes the ideal carrier oil for essential oil use. Almond oil massage oil’s uses, besides a skin therapy lotion oil, is its ability to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Hexane Free Almond oil is an emollient, known for calming and moisturizing the skin and provides a large amount of nourishment to desired areas. In addition to relief from dry skin, brittle, think nails, psoriasis, eczema, others have reported using Sweet Almond Oil for face reducing wrinkles and fine lines and great as a baby oil. Almond oil acts as a cleansing oil to prevent clogged pores & blackheads. Our almond oil cold pressed oil is Gentle & safe for all skin types. Use sweet almond oil extract in home lotions, butter, scrubs, lip balm, perfumes, organic shampoo, hair moisturizers. ALMOND OIL MOISTURIZER, hair treatment, massage oil & dry skin treatment.
Features :

  • HIGHEST QUALITY USDA Certified Organic Almond Oil available on the market. Each unique batch is rigorously tested to ensure only the finest, purest grade oil in every bottle!
  • NATURE’S MULTITASKER – Almond Oil Organic is a perfect natural moisturizer, organic massage oil, body oil, hair treatment oil, cuticle oil, and face oil as well as dry scalp treatment, and dark spot corrector for face
  • MOISTURIZE & REPAIR, NATURALLY – Repair and hydrate dry and irritated skin, soothe cracked skin, treat damaged hair, promote hair growth, nourish cuticles, and many other uses when mixed with essential oils
  • RICH IN VITAMINS A, B, and E that improve skin and hair health, moisture, and radiance. Our Organic Almond oil is an effective carrier oil for essential oils and an unscented massage oil for body.
  • DISCOVER BEAUTY THE NATURAL WAY – Natural and Organic Ingredients. Vegan. Cruelty-free Eve Hansen Essential Oils. Made in USA.

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Brand: Eve Hansen
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