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hapco products slip coat photo 01 - Hapco Products - Slip CoatTitle : Hapco Products – Slip Coat – 16 oz. (Case of 12)
Description : SlipCoat Anti-Wear Oil Additive is a dripless formula that clings to delicate bearing surfaces, cylinder walls and camshafts with a super slippery, super tough film to positively protect them from metal to metal scoring and premature wear. Reduces operating temperature, increases oil pressure and provides constant lubrication. This combination not only extends engine life, but can increase gas mileage up to 20%. SlipCoat is impervious to moisture, foaming, heat and pressure, which guarantees long lasting protection in all extremes of operation. Does not contain graphite, teflon, PTFE resin or any other potentially clogging components. Compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils. For Best Results: Add SlipCoat to oil at any time. After adding, drive or idle engine for 15 minutes to completely treat all bearings, cylinders and camshafts. 16 oz. treats to 4 to 6 quarts of oil in: cars, trucks, marine engines, diesel engines, tractors, motorcycles (excluding wet clutch), motorhomes, power steering units, manual transmissions, differentials (including limited slip), power mowers, A.T.V.’s, generators, air compressors and heavy equipment. Will not void new car warranties.
Features :

  • Great for use in all gasoline, diesel and marine engines
  • Protects against heat and wear instantly
  • Eliminates dry start-ups
  • Increases oil pressure and extends engine life
  • Compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils

hapco products slip coat photo 01 - Hapco Products - Slip Coat
Category: Hydraulic
Brand: Hapco Products Co.
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