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hapco products tri seal image 01 - Hapco Products - Tri-Seal -Title : Hapco Products – Tri-Seal – 16 oz.
Description : Hapco Tri-Seal positively stops leaks in all engines, transmissions and power steering units. This exclusive formula softens and revitalizes hard, shrunken and worn seals. Tri-Seal prolongs the life of all seals to prevent future leaks. It contains a detergent action that helps eliminate the slipping of automatic transmissions. Does not contain petroleum distillates and is compatible with all manufacturers’ fluids. For Best Results: Add one bottle of Tri-Seal to engine crankcase, transmission or power steering unit at any time. No need to change oil or fluid unless mileage indicates need or fluid shows signs of overheating breakdown. Drive vehicle as normal to allow circulation of fluids.
Features :

  • Use for transmission, main bearing and power steering leaks
  • Does not contain any particles or solvents and will not harm seals
  • Makes a permanent seal and prevents future leaks
  • Lubrication agent prevents varnish build-up
  • Works while you drive – Works every time

hapco products tri seal image 01 - Hapco Products - Tri-Seal -
Category: Engine & Oil
Brand: Hapco Products Co.
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