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molyslip inc 3422 molyslip g picture 01 - Molyslip Inc. 3422 Molyslip GTitle : Molyslip Inc. 3422 Molyslip G Manual Transmission Supplement
Description : Molyslip Manual Transmission Supplement (MTS) is a suspension of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) in a high-quality multi-viscosity gear oil meant for manual transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases. Extends Component Life Ongoing use of Molyslip MTS ensures there is always a protective coating on drive train components, significantly reducing wear and prolonging life. The superior plating action of moly ensures protection even when the oil has drained off during periods of inactivity. Improves Performance The addition of Molyslip MTS to your transmission fluid reduces heat and friction and produces easier shifting. MTS will often quiet the noisy hum produces by some differentials. Reduces Fuel Consumption The extremely slippery protective coating of MoS2 reduces friction, requiring less engine horsepower and reduced fuel consumption to overcome friction. Molyslip Manual Transmission Supplement can be used with any traditional or synthetic oil. For best results, add MTS at each transmission fluid change. Note: Molyslip Manual Transmission Supplement should not be used in wet clutch systems (used in certain motorcycles and ATV’s), automatic transmissions, or limited-slip differentials. Use Molyslip Automatic Transmission Supplement for these applications.
Features :

  • Plates onto all gear drive surfaces, producing a friction-reducing barrier that does not drain off
  • Prevents metal-to-metal contact
  • Blends with all types of gear oils, including synthetic and semi-synthetic and automatic transmission fluid
  • Ideal for manual transmissions, differentials and transfer cases
  • Comes with easy adapter tube for easier application when adding to manual transmission

molyslip inc 3422 molyslip g picture 01 - Molyslip Inc. 3422 Molyslip G
Category: Transmission
Brand: Molyslip Inc.
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