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Power up Nnl-690 Engine Oil

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power up nnl 690 engine oil photo 001 - Power up Nnl-690 Engine OilTitle : Power up Nnl-690 Engine Oil Additive 1 Quart Bottle
Description : Power Up NNL 690 is a unique boundary lubricant which is specifically formulated to solve many of today’s tribological problems in high pressure boundary conditions where metal to metal contact is inevitable. NNL 690 works by forming a wear reducing, protective film which is capable of withstanding extreme pressures as high as 200,000 lbs per sq. inch. NNL 690 provides critical engine parts, such as the ring zone, cam lobes and turbocharger, with boundary lubrication protection far exceeding that of conventional oils. NNL 690 is a carefully balanced, complete additive package which contains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, detergent/dispersants, viscosity index improvers, corrosion inhibitors and acid neutralizers. NNL 690 is specifically designed for use in engines calling for medium to high ash oils (1.0% or more) and is suitable for use in most other lubricated equipment using non-E.P. oils. NNL 690 provides engines with exceptional anti-wear protection and also contains a superb detergent/dispersant package, viscosity index improvers and excellent anti-corrosion additives. NNL 690 is a balanced additive package that provides complete lubrication when used with good quality mineral based and synthetic oils. The primary benefit of NNL 690 is friction reduction at the boundary lubrication regime (metal to metal contact). This includes the ring zone, turbocharger and camshaft lobe areas in engines, and the pump, cylinder rods and valves in hydraulics.
Features :

  • Reduces ultrasonic wear noise which relates directly to component wear
  • Helps prevent sludge and varnish formation
  • Lowers operating temperatures by reducing friction
  • Provides an improved seal around the ring zone area, improving combustion efficiency and reducing smoke opacity and blow-by
  • Extends equipment life and increases equipment availability

power up nnl 690 engine oil photo 001 - Power up Nnl-690 Engine Oil
Category: Engine & Oil
Brand: Power Up Lubricants
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