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royal purple roy11757 max boost image 001 - Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST,Title : Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST, 16 fl oz
Description : Royal Purple Max-Boost – 16 fl oz Can is a high-performance octane booster with fuel treatment that increases gasoline octane, reduces emissions, and enhances engine performance while stabilizing fuel. Max-Boost is formulated with MMT, which delivers the best octane enhancement to help eliminate engine-damaging detonation, pre-ignition, and pinging or knocking from low octane gasoline. Max-Boost is formulated for engines equipped with carburetors, port fuel injection and direct injection, as well as turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous-injected engines. Safe for use in leaded and unleaded gasoline’s, and alternate fuels like gasohol, reformulated gasoline, and all ethanol blends. Max-Boost is safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Performance engine oils contain higher levels of phosphorus as an anti-wear additive, which can accumulate in catalytic converters and reduce their effectiveness. Max-Boost protects against phosphorus poisoning of catalytic converters.
Features :

  • Replaces lead additives for protection of non-hardened valve seats
  • Raises octane rating up to 30 points or 3 numbers
  • Restores power and fuel economy while cleaning deposits from fuel injectors
  • Reduces power loss due to knock-retard in computer-controlled vehicles
  • Reduces engine knocking/pinging and stabilizes fuel
  • Max-Boost is a racing formula and is not street legal.

royal purple roy11757 max boost image 001 - Royal Purple ROY11757 MAX BOOST,
Category: Engine & Oil
Brand: Royal Purple
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