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The 3 Pack of Irontite

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the 3 pack of irontite picture 001 - The 3 Pack of IrontiteTitle : The 3 Pack of Irontite Additives – Thoro-Flush, All Weather Seal and Ceramic Motor Seal. 468-9190-16
ASIN : B00Y33I192
Description :

Irontite has been making and distributing these products to commercial accounts and professional engine rebuilding shops since the 1960’s. They were specifically designed and tailored to the needs and requests of professional racing and specialty engine rebuilders.

Any of these Irontite products can be used alone for their intended purpose. However, engine specialist have found using all three products in conjunction with each other offers the BEST possible, longest lasting results that any chemical process for stopping coolant leaks can provide.Only in it’s recent history has this product become available to the general public. For many years it was marketed specifically to engine rebuilding professionals. Only “those in the know” had access. But now these are all available and we have put together this “special package” of all 3 products.

1 Bottle of ThoroFlush(468-9110-16)

1 Bottle of Ceramic Motor Seal (468-9120-16)

1 Bottle of All Weather Seal (468-9130-16)

Features :

  • All 3 Irontite Cooling System Additives in One Box for the Ultimate Fix
  • Step 1: ThoroFlush – Loosens and Removes Rust, Scale, Grease, Oil and Sludge to Improve Coolant Flow
  • Step 2: Ceramic Seal – Coats to Fill Cracks and Porousness. Prevents Rust, Corrosion and Leaks
  • Step 3: All Weather Seal – Permanently Blends with Coolant to Stop Leaks When and Where They Occur
  • The Most Effective and Longest Lasting Leak Protection You Can Buy!

the 3 pack of irontite picture 001 - The 3 Pack of Irontite the 3 pack of irontite image 02 - The 3 Pack of Irontite
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Brand: Irontite
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