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VeryLube Motor Treatment & Anti

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verylube motor treatment anti picture 1 - VeryLube Motor Treatment & AntiTitle : VeryLube Motor Treatment & Anti Friction Modifier – Turbo Oil Additive (4.2oz, bottle)
Description : Best When Applied After Every Oil Change Turbo is a nanotechnology AW(Antiwear) additive specifically designed to protect engine parts from wear. Every drop of VeryLube Turbo Metal Conditioner consists of billions of bearings which were created from the carbon molecules C60 & aliphatic hydrocarbons molecules reinforced by halogens. Application: – Start the engine. Wait until warmed. – You may turn off the engine for safe application. – Remove Oil Filler Cap. – Pour Turbo into the engine crankcase. – Idle the engine for 3 min. After, you may drive or turn off the engine. The product also has soft cleaning properties that can remove some carbon from piston rings.
Features :

  • Oil Treatment For Your Engine. Best Oil Additive For Your Car
  • Treats Oil Capacity of 5-6qts of Motor Oil. Apply Every 3000mi
  • Reduce Engine Noise & Decrease Fuel Consumption
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Guaranteed Anti-Wear Protection

verylube motor treatment anti picture 1 - VeryLube Motor Treatment & Anti verylube motor treatment anti picture 2 - VeryLube Motor Treatment & Anti
Category: Engine & Oil
Brand: XADO Chemical Group
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