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zddp maxx free shipping zddp picture 01 - Zddp Maxx Free Shipping ZddpTitle : Zddp Maxx Free Shipping Zddp oil additive Zinc + Phosphorus Shipping Free
ASIN : B003MAG004
Description : Zddp Maxx restores the proper amounts of zddp that are required to protect metal to metal moving parts. Just adding 2oz to 4 to 6 quarts of motor oil will restore API SM rated to 1800ppm phosphorus. The pre API SF standards is 1300ppm phosphorus needed proir to 1990. Adding Zddp Maxx can be used to restore Diesel oil API CJ-4 to the pre 2007 standards for non catalytic converter diesel engines or all off road equipment. Just add 1oz per gallon of oil and that will rais the zddp leavl to 1450 parts per million enough for extream service. For more information go to our web site www.zddpus.com and click on the tech breifs to learn more. Most all over the counter oil sold for racing still dont have enough zddp for racing you can add .5 oz per quart to bring you oil up the proper standards for racing engines. uses motorcycles, trucks, cars, boats, semi,off road equipment,farm tractors,gear boxes, pumps, all types of racing, snow mechines.
Features :

  • zddp maxx provides the perfect amount of zddp to bring sm oil to standards fo engines pre 1990 or Diesels pre 2007
  • 1 bottel per 4 to 5 quarts Racing Engines .5 oz of Zddp Maxx per Quart when using API SM oils mixes with all types of oil
  • When using with pre 2007 Diesels add 1oz per gallon of oil
  • can be added to low quality gear oils zddp Maxx is a extreme preasure agent
  • Shipping is $ 2.50 for one bottle Add to oil to break in new engines gas or diesel

zddp maxx free shipping zddp picture 01 - Zddp Maxx Free Shipping Zddp
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Brand: zddp Maxx
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